Shingle Brands and Manufacturers

Some roofing companies promote one brand of shingles as the very best available. It's a good idea to find out why. Their recommendations are usually based a marketing program they've signed up for, or whatever brand happens to be on sale that month or which manufacturer or wholesaler is offering the most incentives for that contractor. Others market themselves as authorized or certified dealers for certain brands to take advantage of advertising funds from the manufacturer. In rare cases a contractor may be familiar with an issue specific to one brand.

For the most part, shingle manufacturers all use similar equipment and material and follow the same manufacturing processes, so the difference between manufacturers has more to do with warranties and company cultures than it does about actual materials and products. We make our recommendations based on what shingle you like and what shingle is best for your job rather than a specific brand. We don't force you to use one brand ... we give you options.

When helping you choose a brand of asphalt shingles for your roof, we will provide sample-boards or sample shingles so you can see the product up close. While the manufacturers all have similar color schemes, there will still be subtle yet noticeable differences in the way they blend the colors of their granules and how they approach synthetic shadows. After looking at the different options, choose the shingle you think will look best on your home.

There are a number of different manufacturers available for Augusta area homeowners and it's likely you've heard of them. You may be familiar with some other brands, particularly smaller and mid-level manufacturers well known in other parts of the country, that are simply not available in Georgia and South Carolina. Manufacturer availability as well as shingle style and color often depend on regional market share and the manufacturer’s plant locations.
GAF, Certainteed, TAMKO, Owens Corning, Atlas and IKO are all readily available in the Southeast and provide similar shingle designs and color schemes. Ask our roofing advisor about the brands we use and why.